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Canton, OH 44709

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Serving Loan, Mortgage
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in the Following Areas:

Canton, North Canton,
Massillon, Louisville, Alliance,
Akron and all of Ohio.


Pioneer Financial Services, inc.

Mortgage 101

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What a Mortgage Payment Consists of:

  1) Principal:
The repayment of the original amount borrowed on a monthly basis.

  2) Interest:
The cost of borrowing the principal amount, repaid on a monthly basis.

3) Taxes:
Real Estate taxes paid to a local government agency.

  4) Insurance:
Homeowners insurance on the home. 

  5) Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI):
  If the buyer pays less than 20% down on a property,
      the mortgage company charges the buyer an additional monthly insurance payment called

The total of these items is known as the
PITI (Principal/Interest/Taxes/Insurance) payment.

Probably one of the reasons that buying a home is such an emotional experience is because of the fact that not only do you have the actual house buying to deal with, but for most home buyers you also have the mortgage process to encounter. This can be a smooth and almost uneventful process, or an unnerving one. A great deal depends on the preparation of the buyer as well as the selection of an efficient mortgage company. 

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